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Department of Panchakarma 

1.      Validation of Samyak nirooha lakshana with respect to Maadhu Tailika Vasti in Kateegraha. 

Scholar: Mousumi Manohar .P.A.

      Guide: Dr. M.P. Eswara Sharma.
      Co- Guide: Dr. Bindhu .P.R. 

2.      Randomized controlled trial on the effect of Talapotichil against Takra dhara in the management of Essential Hypertension. 

      Scholar : Poonum kumari
      Guide: Dr. P.P.Jigeesh.

3.      A Randomized Clinical Trial to assess the Samyak Snigdha Lakshana    attained by Plain ghee against Tiktaka ghrita in Psoriasis 

      Scholar: Mohammed Imthiyaz.I.
      Guide: Dr. A.K. Manoj Kumar. 

4.      Clinical evaluation of Punarnava Guggulu, Dasamoola Ghrita and   Kottam Chukkaadi taila in the management of Osteoarthritis. 

     Scholar : Gaurav Munjal
     Guide: Dr. C. V. Jayadevan.

Department of Agada tanthra

1.      A RCT on Nalpamaradi rasakriya against Sigrupunarnavadi as lepa in Pit viper envenomation
      Scholar – Dr. Abhilash. P.N, Guide – Dr. P.B. Benil & Dr. P. Bhaskaran
2.      Desigining an Ayurvedic protocol for the management of health hazards caused by Endosulphan
      Scholar – Dr. Aboobaker. P.A, Guide –Dr. Sreekrishnan
3.      Chemoprotective effect of Kalyana ghrita against Cyclophosphamide in male Balb mice     
      Scholar – Dr.Ajitha. M.A, Guide – Dr. Sreekrishnan & Dr. Ramdas Kuttan
4.      Antibacterial effect of Lakshaharidradi dhoopa in indoor air – An invitro study
      Scholar – Dr. Said Muhammad Salim, Guide – Dr. Asha. K.V


·         An interventional trial on promotion of positive health through seasonal purification w.s.r to sarat ritu
      Scholar - Dr. Lakshmi .V, Guide - Dr. K.V. Dilip Kumar. MD(Ay.)

·         Clinical evaluation of Vyoshadi Guggulu and Haritaki Churna in the management of Obesity(sthoulya)                                                                                                                    
      Scholar - Dr Deepti Nair, Guide - Dr. K.V. Dilip Kumar.MD(Ay.)

·         Occupational health status of Ayurveda masseurs in Kerala - A cross sectional study
      Scholar - Dr Sachin Upalenchwar, Guide - Dr. M.C. Sobhana. MD(Ay.)

·         Add On effect of nadisuddhi pranayama on hypothyroidism- A comparative clinical trial
      Scholar - Dr Amol Koshti, Guide - Dr. M.C. Sobhana. MD(Ay.)

Department of Manovigyan Avum Manasroga

2010 (on going)

  1. An open clinical trial to asses the efficacy of Nirgundyadi ghrita as an add on therapy along with AED in the management of Apasmara w.s.r. to partial seizure with secondary generalization-Ambili.C –Guide - Dr.Jithesh. M MD (Ay)
  2.  To assess the efficacy of Naladadi ghrita in dementia of Alschzhiemer’s disease – an open clinical trial- Khadeeja Chenganasseri –Guide- Dr.C V Jayadevan MD (Ay.)
  3.  A randomized controlled double blind study on the effect of Jatiphala churna in premature ejaculation –Manzoor K M –Dr. CV Jayadevan MD (Ay.)
  4.  Efficacy of an Ayurvedic treatment protocol in the management of moderate depression – an open clinical trial –Mohammed Riyas –Guide-Dr.Prakash Mangalassery MD(Ay.)
  5.  A randomized controlled trial on the efficacy of Pancagavya ghrtia in obsessive compulsive disorder –Shihabudden EM - Guide - Dr.Jithesh. M MD (Ay)
  6.  Efficacy of Ayurvedic treatment modalities, behavioral therapy and their combined approach in attention ADHD- a three arm comparative clinical trial – Thushara Sureshkumar - Dr.Prakash Mangalassery MD(Ay.)


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