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Department of Panchakarma

       Standardization of Dravya Samyojana in Madhutailika Vasti.

      Scholar: Rahul S Gandhi.
      Guide: Dr. A.K. Manoj Kumar

Samana snehapaana with Gandharva Hastadi Eranda Taila in Low Back   Pain- A Comparative Clinical Trial. 

      Scholar: Mahesh K.
     Guide : Dr. A.K. Manoj Kumar.

 A clinical study on Aarohana Anuvasana Krama with special reference to Kateegraha.

      Scholar : Shamna .K.K
      Guide : Dr. P.P.Jigeesh

Validation of Samyak Virikta Lakshana with respect to Gambheera Vaata Rakta

      Scholar :  Malay Pathak

      Guide: Dr. Binitha .A.
 Department of Agada tanthra

 1.      Randomized controlled trial on Shamyaka patradi yoga versus Nimbaharidradi yoga in Dadru w.s.r to Cutaneous dermatophytosis.                                                                                                                                Scholar – Dr. Arun Kumar. G, Guide – Dr. Asha. K.V

2.      A critical review of Arthasastra – in comparison with medical jurisprudence and toxicology Scholar – Dr.Saritha, Guide – Dr.Asha. K.V & Dr. Shameena Beegum

3.      Evaluation of radio protective effect of kalyana ghrita on radiation induced male swiss albino mice                                                                                                                                                                                  Scholar – Dr.Shita. N.R, Guide – Dr. Sreekrishnan & Dr. Ramdas Kuttan

4.      An RCT on efficacy of Triphala Phanta Kshalana and Shatadoutha ghrita lepa against Chandanadi lepa in the management of Paduka Visha,                                                                                                                      Scholar – Dr. Sujatha Devi.V.N, Guide –Dr. Sreekrishnan


·         A Preventive Trial On Rituhareetaki in Seasonal Diseases of Varsha Ritu

Scholar - Dr. Smitha A.V, Guide - Dr. K.V.Dilip Kumar. MD (Ay.)

·         Role of Udvartana on Psycho physical parameters of healthy volunteers - A Randomized Controlled Trial 
Scholar - Dr. Vivek Kumar Mishra, Guide - Dr. K.V Dilip Kumar. MD (Ay.)

·         Randomized Controlled Trial on efficacy of Vyoshatrivargadi Choorna on Oral Hygiene
Scholar - Dr Saily S.P, Guide - Dr. M.C. Sobhana. MD(Ay.)


·         Role of Clinical Yoga package on Motor functions and Quality Of Life in Chronic post Stroke Hemiparesis - A Randomized Controlled Trial
Scholar - Dr. Sudarshan S. Kale, Guide - Dr. M.C.Sobhana. MD(Ay.)

Department of Manovigyan Avum Manasroga

2011 Batch (on going)

  1. A Pharmaco-clinical study on the effect of Kooshmanda swarasa ghrita in the management of Apasmaara with special referance to Partial Seizure with Secondary Generalization by  - Mohamed Anees P  Dr. Prakash Mangalasseri MD (Ay)
  2. Evaluation of an ayurvedic treatment protocol for the management of paittikonmada – an open clinical trial - Dr. N. J. Benoy Dr. C. V. Jayadevan  MD (Ay)
  3.  A Non Randomized Controlled Study of Marsa Nasya with Ksheerabala Taila in Alcohol Withdrawal Syndrome Muhammed Shafeek .M. -Dr. M. Jithesh MD(Ay)
  4. An open label uncontrolled clinical trial of Aadhinaasaka corona in Perimenopausal               Depression - Dr. C.K. Shylaja  -Dr M. Jithesh MD (Ayu)
  5.  A Pharmaco-clinical and Cross sectional study to evaluate the role of Stress in Hyperglycemia -  Dr. Snigdha Roy P   Dr. Prakash Mangalasseri MD (Ay) 
  6. Evaluation of an ayurvedic treatment protocol in Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity      Disorder –an open clinical trial – Dr. Jayanthi Sudhakaran  Dr. C.V Jayadevan MD (Ay)


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